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Same-sex marriage advocates are sharing an hilarious ‘big gay rainbow’ speech by a New Zealand MP – Business Insider

Same-sex marriage was legalised in New Zealand in April 2013,
when the country’s politicians voted overwhelmingly – 77 votes to
44 – in favour.

And one of those who rose to speak in favour was National Party
MP Maurice Williamson, who was a minister under PM John Key at
the time. His four-minute speech became a viral hit at the time
and the 60-something politician was labelled a “gay icon” and
even invited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The married father of three adopted children, who has a degree in
computer science and applied mathematics, last week retired from
30 colourful and at times controversial years in politics and
left his homeland this week for Los Angeles to become New
Zealand’s consul-general to the USA.

In his valedictory speech last week, Williamson said he’d try to
be diplomatic.

“Instead of calling someone a wanker, I’ll call them an
owner-operator,” he quipped.

But with Australians facing a postal vote on the future of
same-sex marriage as the government argues the people should have
their say and fears grow over the tenor of the debate on the
issue, Williamson’s speech four years ago has resurfaced and
given plenty of people something to laugh about.

In it, he recounts how someone told him the bill caused the
country’s drought, saying: “Well, if any of you follow my Twitter
account, you will see that in the Pakuranga electorate this
morning, it was pouring with rain โ€“ we have the most enormous big
gay rainbow across my electorate. It has to be a sign.”

Williamson said a reverend in his electorate had warned about
“the gay onslaught”.

“We are really struggling to know what the gay onslaught will
look like,” he said.

“We don’t know if it’ll come down the Pakuranga highway as a
series of troops, or whether it’ll be a gas that flows in over
the electorate and locks us all in. I also had a Catholic priest
tell me that I was supporting an ‘unnatural act’. I found that
quite interesting coming from someone who’s taken an oath of
celibacy for his whole life.”

After mispronouncing “celibacy” he corrects himself saying “I
haven’t done it, so I don’t know what it’s about” as parliament
roared with laughter.

Here’s another jab against detractors:

I also received a letter telling me I would burn in the fires of
hell for eternity, and that was a bad mistake because I’ve got a
degree in physics.

I used the thermodynamic laws of physics โ€“ I put in my body
weight and my humidity and so on. I assumed the furnace to be at
5000 degrees, and I will last for just on 2.1 seconds. It’s
hardly eternity, what do you think?

Williamson says he respects the concerns of “moderates” worried
about what the change would do to the fabric of society, and
their families.

“All we are doing with this bill is allowing two people who love
each other to have that love recognised by way of marriage,” he

“We are not declaring nuclear war on a foreign state. We are not
bringing a virus in that could wipe out of our agriculture sector
forever. We are allowing two people who love each other to have
that recognised.”

Williamson says it’s OK to not like what others do, saying “we’re
all in that category”.

“I give you a watertight, guaranteed promise: the sun will still
rise tomorrow,” he said.

“Your teenage daughter will still argue back with you as if she
knows everything. Your mortgage will not grow. You will not have
skin diseases, or rashes, or toads in your bed. The world will
just carry on. So don’t make this into a big deal. This is
fantastic for the people it affects, but for the rest of us, life
will go on.”

The former MP finishes by quoting the Book of Deuteronomy.

“Be not afraid.”

Here’s his full speech:

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