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Prince George 'gay icon' article referred to as 'sick' – Telegraph.co.uk | Gay News Today

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Prince George ‘gay icon’ article referred to as ‘sick’ – Telegraph.co.uk

“At least, that’s what the people – sorry, his subjects – are saying.”

Benjamin Cohen, the Chief Executive of PinkNews, said: “I’m surprised that Jim Allister is such an avid reader of PinkNews that he spotted a minor article from three three weeks ago to complain about today.

“Despite claiming to have written to me, I have not received any form of communication from Mr Allister, so I was surprised that he decided to issue a press release about a letter before actually having the courtesy to send it to the supposed recipient.

“Mr Allister’s letter contains a number of concerning points. He criticises PinkNews for not being a member of the entirely voluntary IPSO (the Independent Press  Standards Organisation). At present, no national or global UK based digital media only publications are regulated by IPSO but there is a consultation on future regulations underway that PinkNews is participating in. Until this review has been completed, PinkNews and no other global digital media publications are regulated by IPSO.

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“At no point did PinkNews state that Prince George is a ‘gay icon’- the article merely reported on a large volume of social media posts saying that he was. The article also explored what it means to be a gay icon and referenced other ‘gay icons’ such as the pop singer Ariana Grande.

Source Article from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/11/article-calling-prince-george-gay-icon-branded-sick/
Prince George ‘gay icon’ article referred to as ‘sick’ – Telegraph.co.uk
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